Get ZAR Solid Stain with a 15 year guarantee and save thousands of dollars!

Solid stains are more durable than standard house stains and provide more protection from the elements for your exterior wooden surfaces.  They save a huge amount of time, money and disruption in the long run as they last much longer and do not require re-staining every 2 to 3 years as most stains in the New Zealand market do.  Also, think of how much less waste you will generate in empty cans!

To help you work out how much you can save using ZAR Solid Stain, we have calculated the average cost of staining your house over a 15 year period…


To stain an average sized New Zealand house of 160 square meters (Source: Stats NZ), you would require 2 x 19 litre pails of ZAR stain (based on approx. 9m² per litre over an average of 2 coats).

ZAR stain cost – $978

Average labour cost – approx. $8970

TOTAL COST USING ZAR SOLID STAIN – $9948 using a professional painter or just $978 for DIY


The average lifespan of most other stains in NZ is approximately 2 to 3 years.

Using the same parameters as above and the average price of $160 per 10 litre pail x 4 pails required, the cost would be as follows –

Stain Cost – $640 for each house re-stain x 5 = $3200 (based on staining house every 3 years over the 15 year period that ZAR is guaranteed for) vs $978 using ZAR

Average Labour Cost – $8970 x 5 = $44,850


This would save you $38,102

(N.B. : This total cost figure rises to a total of $72,075 if the stain is applied every two years as is sometimes recommended – which would mean a savings of $62,127)

Also note that these figures do not include the additional cost of scaffolding required each time your house is re-stained.

** All calculations are based on ZAR pricing and average stain and labour costs at the time of publishing this blog.