Does your house or deck stain look a bit worn and faded?
Are you sick of having to re-stain every few years?
Are you looking for a lasting alternative?

Solid Stains provide that alternative.  A Solid Stain protects and beautifies the wood surface and lasts for a longer period of time than traditional stains.

Poorly maintained wood becomes susceptible to deterioration.  Exposure to sunlight breaks down the lignin holding the wood fibers together resulting in a gray surface that is not able to hold a finish.  Water can be absorbed and cause rotting of the boards which can potentially compromise the structure beneath.

You can safeguard your surfaces and avoid these problems by maintaining your house and deck with a Solid Stain such as Zar, which is made in the USA and is now available in NZ.

The great benefit of Solid Stains such as Zar is that they are specially designed with 100% acrylic resins and a unique alkyd blend to provide a long-lasting colour coating that protects and shields against sun, rain, snow, and salt air.

The self-priming formula results in a product that is easy to apply, resistant to peeling, and beautifully accentuates the wood’s texture.

Best of all… Solid Colour Stain is really made to last. 

Before you next Stain your house or deck, check to see what warranty the manufacturer offers.  Then compare it with the warranty on a Solid Stain.  For example, Zar Solid Stain comes with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty on house surfaces and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on deck surfaces.

Just think of the time and money this will save you!

Most stains have a very limited life and seem to be needing to be continually recoated – this comes at great expense through not only product cost, but also time and labour costs.

Many people tire of this endless cycle of having to re-stain their house and deck.  They finally give up on stains and paint their house instead, losing the beauty of the wood’s texture in the process.

Now there is a stain that you can apply and then leave for many years while you get on and enjoy life!  Solid Colour Stains are made to last.

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